Dark Romance in Winter

It is difficult to imagine a dark romance in relation to make-up without picturing two teenagers expressing their torturous emotions. Interestingly enough, the smouldering, romantic look was inspired by gothic trends.

Dark Romance is a big trend during winter. While South Africans were enjoying summer colours, runways in America and Europe adored the trend during their winter season. Now that the season for warmth and heavy colours is approaching, I suggest you visit your favourite cosmetics store and purchase what you need to achieve the romantic look at home.

You will notice that the dark aspect is focused on a singular facet of the face – either the eyes or the mouth, but never both. This is not just part of the look, but is an important principle of make-up.

The Dark Romance look is quite simple to achieve.

Option one – lips

  • Use natural eye shadow, a shade or two darker than your skin, and thin eyeliner.
  • Apply a dark colour to your lips to add the dramatic effect.

Option two – eyes

  • Add a graphic or winged black eyeliner (slanted upwards towards the outside edge of your eye), but keep the eye shadow natural.
  • Apply a dusty nude lip colour to your lips.

Keep it simple. Do not go overboard with this type of look. Otherwise you might be mistaken for a Goth enthusiast on your way to a themed party.

Until next time



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