Bright Lips, Bright Future

Lipstick is a make-up product that can get quite scary for most South African girls.  I decided to write a little about this product, so that we’re all on the same page.

Lipstick is well known as one of the first beauty products that you will ever try out – whether it is as a teenager, or as a toddler, using mom’s make-up all over your body – and, yes, boys do it too.

According to most men in South Africa, a woman walking into a room wearing bright lipstick is immediately found more attractive and confident than others wearing neutral or no lipstick. Don’t get me wrong – this is good news! We all know men prefer it when women wear less make-up than we tend to. However, this means simply wearing a bright lipstick, if nothing else, will do the trick!

I know a lot of women who struggle to wear the right colour lipstick, or are just too shy to wear it with pride and confidence. Here are a few tricks on how to master this eye-catcher.

  • Wear a colour that compliments your skin tone and eye colour
  • Do not choose a colour that has a different undertone than your natural lip colour
  • Try putting on a primer to make the colour last longer (Prep and Prime from MAC Cosmetics will let you kiss the night away)
  • Remember to scrub those lips, as there is nothing worse than bright lipstick on cracked lips (The Body Shop’s Lip Scrub works perfect for this)
  • Apply the lipstick from the outer-edge inward, as this might save you some foundation or concealer after making a mistake (We all know that red lips can get messy)
  • Always remember to put less make-up on your eyes when wearing a bright bold colour on your lips.

Best of luck girls, until next time.



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